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Not ‘The New Kid’ – From Monte Carlo to Madrid…

This is a parody blog that follows the trials and tribulations of Not ‘The New Kid’, an up and coming footballer who receives a surprise phone call from the President of his club side in Monte Carlo after impressing everyone at the World Cup, the result of which turns his life upside down!

This cartoon-ized storybook features some amazing characters and has a real fantasy football based theme….



Fantasy Football Portal - The President

The President has been playing his own version of real-money fantasy football and was looking forward to a crack at the Champions League when he is hit by an unexpected bombshell ….


Fantasy Football Portal - The Boss

The Boss isn’t happy when the Kid arrives late for his first day of training with his new club. Can the Kid win him over? ….


Fantasy Football Portal - The Cabbie

The Kid arrives in Madrid and gets picked up by a cabbie who promises to be his regular driver and is always on hand ready to offer some expert advice ….


Fantasy Football Portal - The Satchel

The quest is on to discover the mysterious contents of ‘The Satchel’. Does it really contain some secret winning formulae? ….


Fantasy Football Portal - The Kid

Find out how the Kid , fresh from starring in the World Cup, adapts to his new life in Madrid after his shock transfer ….


Fantasy Football Portal - The Tiger

The Tiger and the Kid were best mates in Monte Carlo. Despite going their separate ways it doesn’t take long for them to find a common interest ….

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