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Fanto pride themselves on simplicity. As our Dads always shouted to us whilst we tried to dribble past the defender that one last time as an 8 year old – keep it simple stupid! Luckily parent habits are vastly improved on the side-lines these days!

What this means is that there is no need for budgets when playing Fanto. Instead you are only ever limited to a maximum number of players per team.

This works out well across all sports too. For football you will be limited to the number of players that you can choose from one team, while another good example is the tennis majors where you pick players from brackets such as the top 4 seeds, 5-10th seeds, 11-32nd seeds and an unseeded group.

Fanto’s user experience is intended to be very easy too. As a result you will not find a labyrinth of pages on the site. Instead the majority of the information can be found on just 4 pages. There are other pages which you will use of course but these four pages are the heartbeat of the website.

However, to access these pages you will need to log-in but fortunately this only takes a matter of seconds with Fanto’s ‘Quick Registration’ option.

Now let’s take a look at them:


For those players who feel like adding a fantasy sports bet to their weekend accumulators or fixed odd bets then this is the screen for you.

This tab allows you to select which sport you would like to gamble on and then which competition.
Each competition is based on a pool format where you are playing against other real life players so you are right in the thick of it.

Information tabs populate the page so it’s easy to hover of these to find out a bit more such as where you need to finish to place in the prize zone and Fanto promise that your winnings will be back in your online wallet before you know it.


Ahhh, there’s nothing more comforting than familiarity. If you want to play the old school way in a seasonal game that is free to play against your friends then this is not a problem.

One person can set up the league and others will then need to join. What will excite you the most is that Fanto has modernised the whole “join” a league process. The creator can add emails when setting up the league and they will no longer need to share a pin. Instead a notification will be waiting for the “joiners” in their account when they log-in!

My Account

This tab is the standard where you can update personal details, manage account settings, manage league settings etc. Think of it as the engine room of your Fanto time!


Finally, if the My Account tab is the engine room, Dashboard is mission control. This is where you will find all the links to the leagues and team management pages. This also brings together all the different sports you are playing in one easy to view page.


• Simplistic no salary cap approach to fantasy sports contests
• Arguably the most diverse product offering available on the market
• Multi-platform accessibility meaning that all devices should be compatible
• Fast player selection process

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