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If you talk to anybody who has played some form of fantasy football, they are sure to have a tale of woe for you, relating to an unforgettable occasion that saw their star player being left out of his respective team’s line-up for no apparent reason. It can be a painful experience and many fantasy managers often turn to social media channels to vent their frustration when this happens.

If you are a regular visitor to Fantasy Football Portal you will know that we like to drill home the significance of keeping that fantasy scoreboard ticking, by selecting players that will get as much game time as possible.

However, predicting starting line-ups is not that straightforward and if you do it badly, it can jeopardise your chances of being successful. Fans of the Official Fantasy Premier League game will be familiar with deadlines, meaning that they are not privy to the luxury of receiving information about confirmed starters. Daily fantasy football managers are also exposed to many slates featuring games with staggered starting times, making it impossible for them to be certain that players they have selected in later games will feature from the off (unless they have the luxury of late swap).

When it comes to team news you need to learn who to trust

There can be a big difference between what line-up an English Premier League manager will select and what starting formation a fan would like to see. Take predicted line-ups with a pinch of salt, unless you are convinced of their unerring accuracy.

Fantasy Football Portal - Learn who to trust

Our intention is to provide guidance in the form of match previews, focusing primarily on the English Premier League which will highlight key team news, while predicting likely starting XIs in the process. It’s also worth noting that some players will often be deployed out of position, which can have an adverse affect on their fantasy points scoring potential. We will highlight this risk, when it’s applicable in the appropriate preview, if we feel it’s likely to surface in any given fixture.

Predicting likely line-ups is no mean feat and requires one to second-guess what a manager may be thinking. Make sure that you are up to date with all the latest injury and suspension news. We also suggest that you try building your own twitter lists for each Premier League side so that it is easier to keep track of any breaking news that may be happening at each club in relation to injury news and managerial intentions. Focus on local journalists that seem to be a reputable source, in addition to official club websites. Once you identify the authoritative figures, this process should become smoother, saving you precious time, in turn allowing you to focus your attention on selecting certain starters rather then fringe players that may be touch and go.

Reference websites such as WhoScored, that provide historical formations for each team, so that you can try to piece together how a manager is likely to set up his team, based on all available personnel. Nobody gets it right every week but if you can become fairly skilled, you will avoid some of those schoolboy errors that plague rival fantasy managers. The selection process is part of the fun of fantasy football so it’s imperative that you check out all relevant match previews to stay on top of your game.

We’ve said it before but we will say it again – to be a successful fantasy football manager you need players on the pitch – contributing! Hopefully our match previews will go some way to helping you overcome that obstacle.

One Tony Marshall

Will ‘there’s only one Tony Marshall’ be echoing around Old Trafford on Sunday? We certainly hope so since the French striker is our differential captain for GW38 as we look to end the Fantasy Premier League season on a high.

The Man Who Would Be King

Can Liverpool’s Mo Salah end Messi and Ronaldo’s stranglehold on the Ballon d’Or? Unless Messi or Neymar have an outstanding World Cup 2018 or Salah is upstaged by Ronaldo in the Champions League Final in Kiev, we could be looking at a new winner of the prestigious Ballan d’Or.

A final throw of the dice

It feels like a final throw of the dice but we’re banking on Paul Pogba hitting the target in GW34 as we choose between the Triple Captain and Bench Boost Fantasy Premier League ‘chips’.

The Fun And Games Begin

Let’s talk about ‘Chips’ ….. the fun and games are about to begin as the 2017/18 Fantasy Premier League season reaches its finale!

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