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Introducing POANG Fantasy Football

We caught up with Steve Zammit Briffa, COO and Co-Founder of POANG, a fantasy football App that was released earlier this week, to find out a bit more about his company’s plans for this exciting new product.

Creating A Level Playing Field

Can Yahoo shake up the Daily Fantasy Sports market in the UK? Yahoo Fantasy Sports set to fill the void as FanDuel withdraw from the UK market.

The Fantasy Premier League Watchlist

That Fantasy Premier League Watchlist – How the introduction of a new FPL Draft format and the birth of the ‘Free Hit’ chip means that the FPL Watchlist takes on added significance.

The Unorthodox Transfers Quiz

How much do you really know about football transfers ? If you have participated in any season-long fantasy football contests, you will have a good understanding of the value of ….

The Ultimate Fantasy Football Wiki

With a following of 30+ million across Europe and 40+ million across the U.S. Daily Fantasy Football (DFF) can still be considered very much in its infancy. At Fantasy Football ….

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