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Fantasy Football Tournament Lobbies Explained

Fantasy football sites tend to have a landing page or dashboard which presents you with an introduction to their website as well as giving you a number of navigation options. One of these options is usually the tournament lobby although it may be given a more simplistic name such as ‘View Contests’ or something along those lines. This is the place where you will see a list of all upcoming tournaments as well as being able to view the history of any contests you have entered.

Fantasy Football Portal - Lobby example

In the lobby a list of all available upcoming and running (in-play) contests will be displayed. You can expect to see plenty of filters to make this process smoother. These will include the following options with some examples included in brackets:

  • Sport (if football is not the only sport offered)
  • Available leagues within a sport (English Premier League / Bundesliga)
  • Type of contest (Head to Head /Guaranteed Prize Pool)
  • Game format (Full Game round / Selected day only)
  • Field Size (Maximum number of entries allowed / Current number of entries submitted)
  • Buy-in amount (Free to enter contests up to maximum buy-in amount)
  • Prize money (Total amount to be paid in prizes)
  • Start time (Countdown clock or closing time by which entries must be submitted for said event)
  • Status (Open / Fully subscribed, no more entries permitted / Running )

When you click into a contest by pressing the commonly used ‘Enter’ button further information will become available. This is likely to include:

  • Pay-out structures – how prize money will be distributed
  • The number of games in the contest and the actual fixtures
  • Any limitations to the number of players that can be selected from the same team
  • Any limit to the number of different entries one can submit in the same contest
  • You will also be able to see the usernames of players who have entered a tournament although it will not be possible to view their line-ups until the contest gets under way

If a game operator allows customers to create their own contests there will also be a link for this option. This section is likely to follow a template format allowing users to easily customise their own contest adding various parameters for each segment as they proceed.

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